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Margin vs Markup

I’m always second guessing myself on this subject. I understand markup. Margin often tries to make my head explode. I found this Markup vs. Margin blog post over at Patriot Software to be very helpful and I bookmarked it. Pretty smart of this software company to make this reference available. I imagine a CEO struggling in a pinch and finding this. Then, if they are at all like me, next thing they know they are watching product information videos on the company site. Nicely played Patriot Software.

Markup vs. Margin Chart: How to Calculate Margin and Markup

A Little Recognition

In the midst of these challenging times I feel so blessed to be employed by an amazing company, Segra. Segra today recognized my efforts there via social media. I’m sharing the post from LinkedIn below.

I work every day (usually via our Unify collaboration tool, Zoom and Teams) with a solid group of colleagues. Collectively we exceed customer expectations and overcome challenges. I’m proud that we’ve been able to be a part of “the new normal” for many of our customers. Hopefully we never forget how important each of them are to our continued success.

Jim Mundy is a Segra Sales Engineer Manager. Jim has been a dedicated team member for 5 years recently taking over the responsibility of managing all sales engineers in the Mid-Atlantic region. Jim continues to be instrumental in helping customers, including continuing to go on site visits, despite the pandemic. Thank you for all you do Jim!

Greatest professional achievement within the last 12 months: Taking on management responsibility for the Mid-Atlantic Sales Engineering team.

Most proud of personally or professionally: Over my years in the telecommunications industry I have had a chance to mentor some aspiring network and information security professionals. Today they have moved on to leadership positions in other organizations and are paying it forward.

Something unique about Jim: I’m an amateur radio operator. While my ability to “get on the air” is a bit limited in my current residence I still stay active in the hobby by participating in local clubs and enjoying the hobby with other amateur operators, or “hams” as we are also known.

from Segra social media post on linkedin

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