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Repelling a Ransomware Attack

I recently did an interview with Authority Magazine where I discuss ransomware, and I suggest five things you can do to protect yourself or your business. The interview also explores a bit about my career in cybersecurity, and some of my thoughts on leadership. You can find the article here.

When I talk to business owners and ask their biggest fear as it relates to cybersecurity, almost universally the answer is ransomware. And it’s no wonder – a ransomware attack can damage a business or shut it completely down. And businesses are not the only targets. Any of us can be the target of cyber criminals. I hope to explore the subject as it relates to protecting our personal computers and devices in the near future.

Cybersecurity in the Banking Industry

As you can imagine the banking industry focuses a lot of resources on cybersecurity. In my recent article for the West Virginia Banker Magazine I discuss a wholistic approach to the cyber threats faced by the banking industry. You can read the article here.

I should point out that the approach discussed can easily be applied to businesses in many different industries, not just the banking industry.

IP Addressing Basics

I am in the process of creating training on the subject of IP address basics. We’ll start with IPv4. I thought, “You know, I have a website. Maybe I can incorporate it into the training.” And so I have used this site as a potential destination for our example network.

A Simple Customer Network

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