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McSelfies in Ireland

I was in Ireland for the first time a few weeks ago with my sister Connie, brother Tom, and cousin Patti. Frances and Anna McDermott, two Irish sisters, came to Bellefonte, PA, back in the 40s along with a third sister, Mary Ellen. So we have Irish roots. 

Boatloads of Photos

As you can imagine we took a huge number of pictures. Four people, five cameras (Patti was also using her Nikon DSLR).

I coined the term “McSelfie” while we were in Ireland. A McSelfie is a McDermott selfie – essentially me or me and the others or me, the others, and the whole tour group in at least one case – shot by me as a selfie. This is my first effort at putting photos up on In a future post I’ll put up a full set of pictures,  but for now the McSelfie collection is the first gallery!


  1. Patti

    Love seeing these pictures again! What a fabulous trip, such a memorable time! Thanks for sharing! Sending a couple cans of 1893 Ginger Cola and your favorite chips home with Connie. Look for the Ginger Cola in your area. It is a short term promotion. I would have sent more, but it sells out quickly! So have a Jameson/Ginger/Ginger and munch on some chips! Sláinte! Love you!

    • Jim

      I really want to get the best of the best of all our pictures up sooner rather than later. I thought this was a great vehicle to share them. I get asked regularly when I’m going to share pictures. Can’t wait for the Ginger Cola! And the chips – just added amazing Middleswarth chips to the idea list for future posts. Love you too! Sláinte!

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