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My Most Sincere Gratitude

Thank you to everyone that contributed to my No-Shave November campaign. This was the first year that I participated in this annual fund raiser to support the fight against cancer. I set a modest goal, put up a few posts on social media, and launched an email to my Lumos colleagues. You exceeded my goal with donations in excess of 300% of that goal! 

So as we turn the calendar to December and the upcoming Holidays I wish each of you a happy and blessed Holiday Season and a very Merry Christmas!

Let it Grow and Join the Fight Against Cancer!

Around the office I occasionally sport my “rally beard” as we near the end of the month and work to pull in some deals at the 11th hour. My role in all these deals has been small but it has been fun to think that the short term facial hair might have made a difference.

Speaking of making a difference and facial hair….. this year I am participating for the first time in “No-Shave November.” No-Shave November is a month-long journey during which participants forgo shaving in order to evoke conversation and raise cancer awareness. A project of the Matthew Hill Foundation, this year’s campaign will support programs at Prevent Cancer Foundation, Fight Colorectal Cancer, and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Each of these foundations are making great strides in fighting, researching, and preventing cancer.

The Matthew Hill Foundation was formed in 2009 by the eight children of Matthew Hill of Chicago who passed away from colon cancer in November of 2007. Learning this history helped drive me to participate this year. My father, Everett Mundy, also passed away from colon cancer in June of 2003.

So if you are so inclined please visit my fund raising page and learn a little more about the effort. I’d be most grateful if you’d consider a small donation. Regardless, if you’ve just become aware of this great effort though my participation I will have achieved my goal.

Thanks and I wish you a “Happy Hairy November!”

McSelfies in Ireland

I was in Ireland for the first time a few weeks ago with my sister Connie, brother Tom, and cousin Patti. Frances and Anna McDermott, two Irish sisters, came to Bellefonte, PA, back in the 40s along with a third sister, Mary Ellen. So we have Irish roots. 

Boatloads of Photos

As you can imagine we took a huge number of pictures. Four people, five cameras (Patti was also using her Nikon DSLR).

I coined the term “McSelfie” while we were in Ireland. A McSelfie is a McDermott selfie – essentially me or me and the others or me, the others, and the whole tour group in at least one case – shot by me as a selfie. This is my first effort at putting photos up on jimmundy.com. In a future post I’ll put up a full set of pictures,  but for now the McSelfie collection is the first gallery!

Where we’ve been

It has been said that you can’t know where you’re going until you know where you’ve been. So where this website/blog has been is relevant as the relaunch begins.


I grabbed the jimmundy.com domain years ago when I owned a small Internet service provider (ISP) back in the late 90s. Originally I used it only for email and then a really crude blog (driven by the Blogger platform). When I returned to school at Kennesaw State University in suburban Atlanta (go Owls!) to complete my bachelors degree one of the classes challenged us to create a website coded purely with HTML. And the longstanding jimmundy.com was born.

Even with my HTML 4.01 compliant site using CSS (state of the art at the time), the site really remained a place holder so folks could find me as I moved around the southeast US.

Now, of course, we have amazing tools like WordPress, and trying to manually code something even as simple as the version of jimmundy.com that you are viewing today in HTML would be way too time consuming. And so the engine under the hood now is WordPress and I am over my guilt about not coding it by hand.

As for content, this site is really a general catch all. As I posted in the last days of the old site my personal hobbies include ham radio and photography. My professional world as a sales engineer is telecommunications and information security. And posts will span these and other things that interest me and that I think might interest visitors to this site. Ideally, as I become more comfortable with the platform, I may launch subject matter specific sites for the technical topics.

Most blogs and websites quickly become stale because cranking out content is not easy for many, myself included. But I’m gonna give it my best shot!

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